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At Northwest Pharmacy Services our formulary is developed and approved by an independent Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. When considering a drug for inclusion on the formulary, the decisions are based on specific criteria, which include:


Medical and pharmacy experts research the medical literature for “best practices” and utilize evidence and value-based decision making to compare data that determines inclusion/exclusion to the formulary. Our formulary products are selected based on health outcome criteria. Cost is considered only after other criteria have been evaluated and is never a consideration if it compromises the quality of care.

We believe a well-managed formulary can have a positive effect on both patient outcomes and total medical care cost. Using flexible plan design, measurement and expertise, Northwest Pharmacy Services can develop the appropriate formulary for varying member populations helping our clients increase member satisfaction, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.


Your Referrals Are Appreciated

Our business is solid, but we want to expand. One of the best ways to grow our business is through referrals. We would especially appreciate any leads you may have with small to medium sized, self-insured companies. We are very competitive in our fees and are completely transparent in contracting.

340B Contracting

This federal 340B program offers favorable prescription drug pricing to qualified health care facilities offering health care services to indigent, medically needy, or Indian tribes. certain rules and regulations must be met. If you are a pharmacy already serving such a population, we can work with the health clinic to help set you up as a 340B provider pharmacy.

Step Therapy Physician Fax Form

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Claims Transmission

Pharmacists call 1-800-998-2611 for eligibility or coverage questions. To set up claims transmissions use:
BIN: 600426
Processor Control: JP