Patient Information

Medication Therapy Management

What is medication therapy management?

  • A program designed to help patients get even greater value from their medications by reducing medication waste
  • Targets patients with chronic illnesses and/or those using multiple medications
  • Free, voluntary service to patients

What is medications waste?

Waste occurs whenever…

  • A high cost medication is used when an equally effective lower cost alternative is available
  • A patient requires a different medication due to a side effect or adverse reaction to a medication
  • A medication fails to achieve intended results
  • A patient is non-compliant with his or her medication(s)

How do we address medication waste?

Our Medication Therapy Quality Review programs offer 1:1 counseling with a trained pharmacist to help patients understand the medications they are taking and how they work.

We offer two forms of this service which can be provided together or separately:

1. Drug problem review of prescriptions at the time of dispensing.
Pharmacists contact the patients physician to resolve potential drug problems before the prescription is dispensed, and in some cases to change a drug to one that is more cost-effective for the patient.

Pharmacists are compensated only when they identify, document and resolve a drug related problem.

2. Comprehensive review of patients’ drug therapy.
This service involves making a sit-down appointment with a qualified pharmacist to review the patient’s medication issues. Sometimes called a Comprehensive Medication Review or ‘Brown Bag Review”, this service is typically offered as a voluntary service to patients. Patients are directed to one or more pharmacies close to their home.

Patients are not required to have their prescriptions filled at this pharmacy. Studies have shown that patients using such services have positive outcomes in terms of disease control, lower medical care costs to the plan, and are highly satisfied with the service.