Patient Information

Clinical Management

Our professional Clinical Management Team is comprised of a highly qualified panel of pharmacy providers, pharmacy educators, medically trained consultants and staff to support the clinical, drug utilization review and disease management initiatives of our clients.

Our Help Desk

In contrast to many Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), our Help Desk is local, and is staffed only by experienced pharmacy technicians with Registered Pharmacist backup. They respond promptly to all calls and have a well-deserved reputation as being friendly and helpful.

We provide the following optional services for our clients:

Policies and procedures for the concurrent and prospective drug utilization. Comprehensive retrospective drug utilization review program, targeting over and under utilization trends within specific therapeutic class categories for members.

Contacts with physicians, pharmacists and patients when clinically-relevant concerns are identified. Acted upon cases are re-reviewed to determine impact on cost and quality.

Specialty pharmacy provider contracting for access to injectable medications whether for self-administration or for medical provider administration. Specialty pharmacy services include patient support and counseling at no extra cost to the payer.